The Gartner IT Symposium 2022

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Last week, the yearly Gartner IT Symposium took place in Barcelona. Jeroen Ennenga, CTO of BPSOLUTIONS, visited the event and shares his key takeaways on hot topics in the currently economically disrupted world and the guidance BPSOLUTIONS provides for organizations to make data work for them in these uncertain times.

CIOs and IT executives are in the frontline of leading organizations through economical and political uncertainty in a deglobalising world. Given current events, the importance of sustainable growth might be bigger than ever. Digital investments should therefore deliver both repeatable financial and performance results in an efficient and responsible way, according to Gartner. This means CIOs and IT executives need to make investment decisions based on solving specific business problems and simultaneously making an environmental impact. For example reducing the average waiting times of ships unloading in ports, via IT, results in a financial saving and reduces the environmental burden of ships wasting fuel. At this point BPSOLUTIONS comes into play as a trusted Managed Service provider which allows organizations to focus on their core business and at the same time make these investments to facilitate sustainable growth.

Next to responsible investments, CIOs can use IT as a means for sustainable growth by focusing on resilient cybersecurity. In the long term, cybersecurity results in a competitive advantage as it protects the business from external threats. From this perspective, cybersecurity should be regarded as a business threat and treated that way. This means benchmarking the right metrics to agree upon the right level of security. According to Jeroen Ennenga, it is crucial to use Data Analytics and AI to do so. It is an essential and continuous factor in ensuring that companies are ready for the future.


“67% of CEOs want more technology work done 

directly into the business rather than in IT”

-Daniel Sanchez-Reina, VP Analyst Gartner-


Executives are not satisfied with the execution of digital innovations. It usually takes too much time to executive initiatives and even longer to realize their potential for the business. Also the entire organization is required to contribute for digital accelerations. For this reason it is important to educate and involve the entire workforce. This realization is a major reason to establish deep relationships across the entire organization, says Jeroen Ennenga. It allows to get the most value out of IT investments.

In short, the takeaways of the Gartner IT Symposium strengthen the belief of Jeroen Ennenga and the vision of BPSOLUTIONS. Using a tailored approach to help organizations manage their mission critical and solutions BPSOLUTIONS provides, allows customers to focus on their business strategies and make data work.

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