IBM Think Summit 2019

Last Thursday, June 13, the annual IBM Think Summit took place in Amsterdam. BPSOLUTIONS was asked to lead a Think Tank session in the field of its work in the field of Data & AI in the Healthcare sector.

Leonie Syrier, Data Scientist at BPSOLUTIONS, gave a presentation in which she provided insight into the run-up to the data issue of the Emergency Department and how we made data work for Haga Hospital.

We live in an “always-on” world where many companies operate 24/7. Continuous access to data determines the success of the future. A future that is smarter and more innovative every day and makes us curious about what else it has in mind.

The question is no longer about what data you have, but whether you have access to the networks where you can find this data and whether you know how to handle it. Or you know how you can make data work for you.

At BPSolutions we know better than anyone that the IT world is constantly changing. The fact that only a permanent focus on knowledge and development ensures that you are at the forefront and that you are and remain the expert in the field of mission critical IT.

In everything we do, we make the world a little smarter.

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