Hybrid cloud distributed file storage

File data platform built for the cloud

File data is at the center of the modern human experience. In fact, it accounts for 80% of the data in the world. Movies, medicine, education, energy, research, and autonomous vehicles are all made possible through the capture and transformation of file data. An Enterprise file data platform makes it easy for organizations to store, manage and build applications and workflows with data in its native file form.

Legacy scale-out and scale-up storage solutions like Dell EMC Isilon, NetApp and IBM GPFS were not designed to handle today’s data volumes, file types, applications, and workloads. Legacy systems can’t provide the visibility, control, and scale that you need to manage your data. Legacy systems won’t provide a path to the cloud. You need a better file data platform. It’s here.

Manages billions of files, large or small, easily
The first file data platform built to address your hybrid cloud workloads, whether you require burst computing capabilities, global data collaboration, or if your business is considering a migration to the public cloud.

Key benefits:

  • Enterprise file data platform
  • Built for the hybrid cloud
  • Software-defined
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Industry’s most advanced API
  • Unmatched customer success

Software-defined and built for the hybrid cloud
With Qumulo’s distributed file data platform, BPSOLUTIONS gives you the option of running on pre-configured hardware platforms, pre-qualified third-party hardware platforms from HPE in your or our BPSOLUTIONS datacenters, or natively in the public cloud with Azure, AWS or GCP.

With Qumulo’s software license, BPSOLUTIONS offers you transferability between on-prem and cloud-based platforms so that your investment in software is usable no matter how your storage strategies evolve in the future. Built for today and tomorrow’s file storage workflow needs, with Qumulo, your data is available when and how you want it.

Your data management is fundamentally easier
You can see, in real time, what’s happening with your data. You’ll never have to guess exactly how much space you have remaining. You can diagnose and fix problems instead of resorting to just buying more storage. You can finally take control of your data. Manage usage, capacity, and performance with an advanced API. There’s no single point of failure across the entire stack, so you never have to worry about lost data. Real-time analytics show you what’s happening with your data. Get instant visibility into your data and users. Qumulo software assigns the aggregation of real-time metadata to all data as it’s ingested. This gives you real-time insight into your system, without performance degradation or long file system scans.

Free up your time from mundane administrative tasks with visibility into crucial information:

  • IOPS and throughput hotspots
  • Capacity trending
  • User activity
  • Auditing
  • Bill back reporting
  • Data usage

Simplify your storage management
Qumulo’s file data platform provides a single namespace, exposed across protocols, that provides a vast number of users centralized access to files whether the data is on-prem, multi-site, or in the cloud.

  • Scale to billions of files across your data center and the cloud.
  • Symmetrically scale capacity and performance.
  • Remove data silos and eliminate a tangle of multi-volume mounts.


Massive scalability
Qumulo’s file data platform is designed to scale to billions of files, and store all file sizes efficiently. The scalable block store offers you unprecedented scalability, optimized performance, and data protection.

Qumulo’s snapshots capture the state of your file system or directory at a given point in time. With Qumulo’s snapshots feature, you can restore single files and whole directories with the click of a button. And you have access to snapshot capacity data and usage over time through Qumulo’s robust analytics platform.

Mixed protocol support
In order to support mixed workloads, Qumulo’s software supports standard protocols such as NFS, SMB, FTP, CLI, and includes a comprehensive REST API for deeper integration with third-party software and custom scripting. Qumulo’s software provides the permissions, controls and access restrictions your file applications need, to create the smoothest workflow possible for mixed-protocol environments.

Erasure coding
Erasure coding provides data protection at the block level and is faster, more configurable and more space-efficient than alternatives such as mirroring and RAID. Erasure coding enables you to leverage 100% of your usable storage, with no performance degradation.

Programmable API
Programmatically retrieve all information presented in Qumulo’s user interface with REST calls. Store them externally in a database or send them to another application such as Splunk or Tableau. You even have the capability to invoke file system operations with the REST API to automate administrative tasks, saving your valuable bandwidth for the work you’d rather focus on.

Set and implement quotas in real-time, not just when a directory is originally created. Qumulo provides you the ability to instantly limit the capacity of a user’s directory, and you can apply these quotas to any directory (even nested ones).

Single namespace
Accessible through NFS and SMB protocols, Qumulo’s single namespace functionality allows your team centralized access to files, whether you’re operating on-prem, multi-site, in the cloud, or any combination thereof.

Qumulo’s software based encryption at-rest is AES-256 based, is enabled by default and is always on. Qumulo’s software based encryption at-rest provides confidence that your company’s data is protected and compliance requirements are met at every step incurring no extra expense and requiring no administrative overhead.

Continuous replication
Qumulo’s continuous replication provides you with continuous one-way asynchronous replication across storage clusters, whether on-prem or in the public cloud. This feature leverages snapshot capabilities to ensure consistent data replicas. Qumulo takes it a step further, applying smart algorithms to make sure data replicates as often as practical without negatively impacting your overall cluster performance.

Qumulo’s auditing feature integrates with standard monitoring systems and tracks users by both their IP address and AD user. With auditing, you can track all data access, writes and modifications, and you can scale your system to millions of IOPS with minimal performance impact. And you can track all protocols including SMB, NFS, FTP, and API.

You needed a better file data platform. Qumulo built one. Qumulo’s data platform was inspired by people like you, people like us. Before building their file system, Qumulo conducted thousands of interviews with enterprise data storage users. They told them their struggles, concerns, the annoying things that ruin the day. And they shared a wishlist, desired features, and “what-if” ideas. That inspired the great specialists at Qumulo, once the founders of Isilon, to rethink what’s possible.

For over twenty years BPSOLUTIONS technical consultants and engineers make sure we keep many mission critical IT environments up and running. We’ve seen data becoming the most important asset of organisations. Making sure data is available 7×24 from any location, being on premises, in the cloud or a combination, a legacy data platforms just do not fit modern requirements anymore. Together with Qumulo the BPSOLUTIONS team offers storage platforms that will solve all of your unstructured data workflow challenges.

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