How Flash Storage offers the best performance for your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure

Flash-Storage provides businesses with radically better performance than traditional disk storage. This saves Flash-Storage not only costs, but also a lot of time. A convincing alternative to current storage solutions. You can read that in this blog.

With BPSOLUTIONS Managed Flash Storage, you’re always up and running. Through high performance and significant processing speed, bottlenecks within processes or projects are eliminated. This ensures that you are always assured of an optimally performing and available storage infrastructure.

Ultimate high performance with Flash Storage

High and reliable performance is hugely important in Mission Critical IT environments. After all, it is the foundation for all your IT operations, and everything is affected by it. If your storage infrastructure is too slow or unavailable, you won’t be able to do your mission. Flash-Storage delivers great efficiency benefits through performance. Flash is therefore the only existing technology that can offer this enormously high performance when it comes to (future) demands in terms of speed, capacity, management load reduction and energy consumption.

Processing capacity

With Flash-Storage, performance problems are a long time. Data throughput is at an extremely high rate compared to outdated data storage techniques, such as HDD. Where your current storage infrastructure in practice provides five to ten milliseconds of service time, Flash-Storage reduces it to as much as 100 to 200 microseconds. This allows you to run reports faster and more frequently, process batches, create copy layers, process transactions, and provide a better customer experience for your internal users.

Using the fastest, and most reliable, flash technology, your operations accelerate to the maximum. This is 50 to 100 times faster. In addition, our Flash-Storage solutions can handle up to fifteen million IOPs, while your current disk storage system can sometimes only offer several tens of thousands, or less, IOPs with an acceptable response time. Due to its high performance and fast processing time, the delay, also called latency, is extremely low. Regardless of the amount of storage, Flash-Storage will always be the faster alternative to disk storage.

Data reduction

Functionalities such as compression and de duplication cause extreme delays for hard drives, thanks to Flash’s ultra-fast responsiveness, it is possible to perform data reduction without this delay. As a result, you store less data and therefore physically need less capacity. A significant cost advantage, so you introduce Flash Storage as a very affordable alternative to your entire environment. So you can enjoy the best, most reliable and scalable performance anytime, anywhere. Break through expanding your environment forever – reduce your mountain of data.

Why BPSOLUTIONS Flash Storage: Half More for half less

BPSOLUTIONS offers Managed Flash Storage at fifty percent lower cost and twice as much performance than other All Flash Storage vendors. And that with 100% availability. We also offer you the best Customer Experience with a Net Promoter Score of 87 – the extent to which customers recommend our services to others. Want to know more about BPSOLUTIONS Flash Storage and what it can do for your business? Contact us on 0343 529 000 or email

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