How Flash-Storage drastically lowers the cost of data storage

Flash Storage has long been known as a more expensive alternative to traditional storage solutions based on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). In the meantime, these roles have been reversed and Flash technology is now the affordable standard. Why? Find out in this blog!

Flash Storage provides extremely fast data access and it speeds up database performance and applications. The cost benefits of Flash-Storage lie among others in this high performance, high processing speed and low latency, as well as the data reduction possibilities. Using the Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operational Expenditure (OpEx) from Flash, we explain the cost benefits (compared to HDD) in this blog.

Capital Expenditure (CapEx)


The price of hardware is an important factor in the choice for a storage system. By using data reduction functionalities such as de-duplication, thin provisioning and compression, All Flash-Storage ensures that your total required storage capacity is reduced two to ten times. This means you need less hardware. In addition, all advanced functions are included. This means: no high purchase costs for software.

The purchase price of hardware is an important factor in the choice for a storage system. With (converted) an average price of less than 4 euro cents per gigabyte per month, BPSOLUTIONS offers Managed Flash-Storage at a drastically low rate, compared to traditional disk arrays and competing All Flash-Storage suppliers.

Longer depreciation periods

Everything in your data center is in a replacement cycle. This means that hardware needs to be renewed over time. With Flash-Storage you can extend your depreciation period to 7 years or more.

Operational cost (OpEx)

Lower maintenance cost

Flash Storage therefore not only saves costs when purchasing, but also when replacement is required. By using our FlashWatch services, you periodically introduce new technology and divestments are a thing of the past.

Space and power saving

Because Flash-Storage’s data reduction functions reduce the total amount of data with a ratio of two to ten times, considerably less space is required. Not only does Flash mean saving space, but therefore also saving energy. Flash modules are not rotating discs. Our Flash Storage solutions and services offer up to 6PB of usable storage in a 2 rack unit chassis, with a maximum of 3.8 million IOPS. With additional components we can even handle up to 15 million IOPs. A major advantage over traditional storage, which requires multiple full racks to achieve the same capacity and performance.

Cost savings through easy management

The management of modern Flash Storage solutions is easier – an important feature in IT landscape. This means not only a saving on personnel costs, but also an effortless progress and implementation of business projects and applications. In addition, BPSOLUTIONS offers additional cost reduction options with our Managed Flash Storage service.

Flash-Storage even cheaper with BPSOLUTIONS

With BPSOLUTIONS, Flash Storage can be even cheaper than other All Flash alternatives. With a fifty percent lower price per Gigabyte per month and maximum performance, we offer you significant savings. Whether you are a medium-sized or large organization, retailer or a Cloud Service Provider. Ronald van Heek (CCO of BPSOLUTIONS) explains it as follows: “We offer Flash-Storage as a private cloud service on location at our customers or from our redundant data center environments at Equinix and BIT. Our client does not have to invest in hardware or in the maintenance of the hardware, unless he wants to be the owner. Moreover, we offer Flash-Storage in a flexible way: our customers are given the option of scaling up or down from a fixed lower limit. For example, it is possible to offer our Flash-Storage for a drastically low price per Terabyte per month, where other Cloud Server Providers aim for the amount of 4 cents per Gigabyte per month. In addition, with our experienced expert teams we offer rigid processes and advanced monitoring and with that a radically better user experience than our colleagues in the market. And that with a 100% uptime guarantee. ”

Why BPSOLUTIONS Managed Flash-Storage: half more for half less

BPSOLUTIONS offers Managed Flash Storage at fifty percent lower costs and a twice as high performance than other All Flash suppliers. And that with one hundred percent availability. We also offer you the best Customer Experience with a Net Promoter Score of 87 – the extent to which customers recommend our services to others.

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