How do you keep SAP HANA up and running?

SAP HANA up and runningThe switch to SAP HANA automatically leads to the issue of functional and technical management. Can your own IT organization keep the new platform in the air or does this require external knowledge and experience?

With SAP HANA you get a super fast in-memory database and you lay a solid foundation for your application environment. It is of course important that this new solution runs as intended: fast, safe and always available. What is the best way to do that?

The answer depends on your situation. Organizations consider switching to SAP HANA on three occasions and in all scenarios monitoring and management are important points of attention:

1. When SAP applications are used, but better performance is needed.

Your SAP applications are still satisfactory, but the systems are reaching performance limits or they are due for replacement. The speed of SAP HANA is then the answer to the performance issue. Because there is already a lot of knowledge of the SAP landscape in-house, many organizations choose to keep it under their own management.

The SAP HANA platform, however, differs considerably from the current systems in terms of content. As a result, there is usually (still) little knowledge and experience in the field of management. For those organizations it may be the reason to outsource maintenance and monitoring of the new platform.

2. When new innovative solutions from SAP are required.

Do you want to be able to use specific and new functions of the SAP software? These new applications and functionalities often require HANA as a data platform. In that case it is often decided to keep the functional and sometimes also the technical management of the existing environment within the organization. This while the monitoring and management of the new HANA platform is left to a party that already has experience with it.

3. When there is a new implementation of SAP.

If your organization has never worked with SAP before, everything is new: both the infrastructure and the applications. The question is whether your own IT staff can manage this new environment. When dealing with the specific tooling of SAP, many new challenges come up for the organization. That requires training and education.

In such a case, the temporary or permanent outsourcing of the technical management of the new platform is a service that relieves your own employees and directly brings in the right knowledge and experience.

(Private) cloud or on-premise design

SAP supports HANA implementations in (private) cloud and on-premise solutions. The public cloud offers advantages when it comes to scalability, while the private cloud offers the flexibility and simplicity that many organizations want to realize. Above all, it offers a higher degree of safety and continuity. The latter can also be achieved with a complete on-premise solution.

With a simple on-premise solution, a predefined and configured appliance can be chosen, or a customized TDI (tailored data center integration) whereby existing hardware can sometimes be partially reused. There is a clear difference in support from the point of view of SAP: with the use of appliances you can fall back on the support of SAP with every malfunction. It is a solution with an SAP-certified stamp. In the other case you are responsible for the correct performance and – in the event of a disruption – the analysis and coming up with the solution.


Whatever the best solution looks like, it is always wise to think carefully about the management strategy in advance. When outsourcing, your own people can focus on their core tasks. Training and gaining experience are important issues for continuity.

BPSolutions can provide advice for the management process in all mentioned scenarios. We have extensive (technical) experience with SAP HANA. Our expert help desk knows your IT environment and offers a quick solution in case of questions or disruption. Thanks to advanced monitoring tools, preventive action can often be taken.

Do you want to know more about the precise steps that must be taken during the management transition to SAP HANA? Then contact one of our experts via +31-343-529000 or mail to

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