BPSOLUTIONS introduces new Hybrid Multi Cloud services

With public cloud being interesting to look at for many workloads and services, it does not fit all workloads, especially for your mission critical and/or legacy applications and data. Not everything belongs in the public cloud, but there are quite some workloads which benefit from public cloud. Therefore, forward-thinking companies choose a hybrid mixture of cloud services. Hybrid clouds offer the benefits of both public and private clouds and take advantage of existing architecture in a data center.

By expanding your internal IT infrastructure or private cloud to external cloud resources, your IT environment will become hybrid. BPSOLUTIONS has been delivering enterprise wide Mission Critical Services for over 20 years. We deliver highly virtualized and optimized private cloud IT infrastructure solutions on premises or from our BPSOLUTIONS private cloud centers and combine these cloud environments with public cloud resources from Azure and  other providers like AWS, IBM Cloud, Google, Oracle and Alibaba. BPSOLUTIONS can provide the orchestration functionalities between the internal and external cloud resources, multi cloud dashboards, connectivity and cloud data management. By allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, hybrid cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options, while making sure your mission critical data and workloads are always secure and protected.

Based on technology from HPE, Rubrik, VMware, Suse, Red Hat, IBM, Lenovo, Juniper and Fortinet BPSOLUTIONS is announcing the availability of additional Hybrid Multicloud Services from our datacenters in Amsterdam from Digital Realty.

From these highly secured cloud datacenters BPSOLUTIONS is offering hybrid multi cloud services with up to 100% availability over the datacenters, while extending the services to clients on premises IT workloads and public cloud resources from Azure and other public cloud providers.

Advantages of BPSOLUTIONS Hybrid Multi Cloud Services

  • Scalability (both up and down). Almost unlimited due to on-demand cloud resources.
  • Lower capital expenditure (capex) because you don’t need to purchase all of your DC infrastructure equipment.
  • Due to services distributed across multiple data centers and service providers
  • 7×24 hrs full managed services by highly experienced Mission Critical Services teams
  • Access to deep technical expertise
  • Up to 100% availability guarantee

Challenges of managing your own Private and Public Cloud

  • Less control over data security. You do not always know where your data is operating.
  • Higher operational expenditure (opex). As you scale performance, your cost fees rise.
  • Connectivity and security over the clouds. Your traditional backup tools just do not comply.

BPSOLUTIONS designs, delivers, builds and manages internal IT infrastructure / Private & Public Cloud solutions  and hybrid multi cloud infrastructures. Our Cloud Strategy & Design Architects and Principal Consultants can advise on your road to the cloud strategy and serve you with cloud and IT infrastructure blueprints, cloud migration services and application modernization studies.

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