BPSOLUTIONS partners with Dtex Systems to provide User Behavior Intelligence for Insider Threat Defense

Posted on 22/05/2018 in BPSOLUTIONS, News, Press Release, Samenwerking, Security

DRIEBERGEN, DEN HAAG, and SAN JOSE, CA (USA) – May 22, 2018 – BPSOLUTIONS, a leading IT Solutions and Cloud Sourcing provider in Enterprise Infrastructure, Cloud and Data Analytics in The Netherlands, today announced a strategic partnership with United Sates-based Dtex Systems, a leader in user behavior intelligence and insider threat detection.

The Dtex User Behaviour Intelligence platform combines technology, intelligence and services to provide global organizations with defense against the insider threat. Driven by negligent, compromised and malicious users, the insider threat is the primary cause of data breaches and other costly and damaging security and compliance incidents. With Dtex, organizations around the world are gaining actionable intelligence about employees’ behaviours with context, accuracy and genuine insights. With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance now a top priority, Dtex is fast-becoming an intelligence platform of choice. Its built-in anonymization feature allows customers to defend their organizations against insider threats and to protect employees’ privacy.

Mark de Groot (see photo, left), CEO of BPSOLUTIONS, is very enthusiastic about this partnership: “Many companies have arrived at the unavoidable conclusion that their perimeter security is now sufficiently strong, therefore the weakest point for a data breach is the employee. The news headlines are full of stories about leaked data which happened either because a member of staff was negligent, malicious or had their account compromised. The Dtex platform addresses all of these issues along with great possibilities to support GDPR Compliancy.”, said De Groot.

“A wide range of customers, partners, industry experts and cybersecurity news sources recognize Dtex as a fast-growing player in the security market. Most recently, Cyberdefense Magazine named us as the “Cutting Edge” insider threat security solution for 2018,” said Olav van Haren (see photo, right), Director Benelux at Dtex Systems.”. BPSOLUTIONS is a high value-add solution provider and has an extensive track record in servicing enterprise customers across various industries. We are proud that BPSOLUTIONS chose Dtex as its strategic partner for user behavior intelligence and insider threat security.”

For more information about Dtex and BPSOLUTIONS, please see here.

About Dtex Systems
Dtex Systems arms enterprises across the globe with revolutionary technology to protect against user threats, data breaches, and outsider infiltration. As the only solution combining unparalleled endpoint visibility with advanced analytics, Dtex is able to pinpoint threats with greater accuracy than traditional security methods without adversely impacting user productivity. To learn more, visit www.dtexsystems.com.

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BPSOLUTIONS is a Data Analytics & Cloud Sourcing provider, specialized in planning, designing, implementing and managing effective strategies for company wide information infrastructures. Since 2001 BPSOLUTIONS strives to help organizations by strengthening their competitive position by applying IT innovations effectively in the domain of Cloud, Security, Data Analytics & IT Infrastructures. For more information, www.bpsolutions.com

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