BPSOLUTIONS appointed as IBM Power Cloud Service Provider

BPSolutions, the leading Data Analytics & Cloud Services Provider from Driebergen, is certified by IBM as IBM Power Cloud Server Provider.

IBM Power Cloud Server Provider
The cloud and managed services of BPSolutions in combination with years of experience and extensive track record in mission critical environments is a unique addition to the eco-system of IBM Partners and has led to BPSolutions being IBM to IBM Power Cloud Service Provider.

Hybrid Cloud services
BPSolutions has a unique position on the IBM Power market for years for both AIX and IBM i environments. “Thanks to our years of experience in complex ERP environments in combination with our ultra-fast backbone to the Public Cloud providers such as IBM Cloud, Amazon and Azure, this is very interesting for organizations looking for a hybrid cloud environment, especially if they also have a challenge with ‘ non-standard ‘or’ legacy ‘environments. “, Mark de Groot, CEO at BPSOLUTIONS.

Datacenter virtualisation
In order to combine cloud services with on-premise, private and public cloud services, BPSOLUTIONS uses network virtualization. This creates a uniform virtual network across various data centers and cloud providers.

Artificial Intelligence
IBM has redesigned its new POWER9 line to make these systems ideally suited for data intensive analytics, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) environments. Van Veen continues: “In combination with our Data Scientists from BPAnalytics, we can completely unburden organizations in the field of both advanced analytics such as deep learning, but also the computing power that is needed for this.”

Cloud Based IT Recovery
Another important application today is providing robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions for the business. “For the average KA environment there are many solutions for DR or replication to the cloud, but a real Enterprise Cloud Based IT Recovery solution with tiering for both mission critical and less critical environments, was not yet available in the market. Here we have indented two years ago and now have many customers who use this state of the art concept that we have developed in collaboration with IBM, VMware and Veeam”, says De Groot.




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