BPSOLUTIONS accelerates growth with investor M80

BPSOLUTIONS_M80 (1)From left to right: Michael de Groot (BPSOLUTIONS), Carl Annicq (M80), Bert de Groot (BPSOLUTIONS), Mark de Groot (BPSOLUTIONS), Paul-Elliott Testelin (M80), Hans Bossenbroek (Luminis/group CEO).

● BPSOLUTIONS is creating a smarter world with investor M80
● European leader in digital transformation

Utrecht, 8 DECEMBER 2022 - Dutch Mission Critical IT Service provider BPSOLUTIONS, top scorer in Giarte's IT Xperience monitor for two years in a row, is continuing to build on its mission to make the world a little smarter. Private equity fund M80 is taking a majority stake in BPSOLUTIONS to build, together with XPLUS and Luminis, a European full-service provider in the field of digital transformation.

This move responds to the demand for a more holistic approach in helping clients in their digital transformations. M80 aims to build a portfolio of best-in-class specialists in digital transformation: from digital strategy to keeping IT environments up and running. Besides mission critical IT player BPSOLUTIONS, XPLUS, a Belgian expert in enterprise IT architecture, and Luminis, a Dutch software and cloud company, are already part of the portfolio. Together, the group has a turnover of €50 million and employs 300 people.

Mark de Groot, CEO BPSOLUTIONS: "By joining forces with XPLUS and Luminis, we will be able to serve clients in multiple areas of their digital transformation, delivering faster, better and integrated results - and across the Benelux. In addition, this move will offer new and interesting opportunities for our employees, which is essential to connect talent to us."

With the acquisition of BPSOLUTIONS, M80 has taken another step in its development as a full-service provider in the field of digital transformation in Europe, following the acquisition of XPLUS and Luminis. By becoming part of this group of companies, BPSOLUTIONS can accelerate the broadening of its service and product portfolio in the field of digital transformation.

Hans Bossenbroek, group CEO: "Already during the negotiations with BPSOLUTIONS, we saw concrete opportunities where clients could benefit from the synergy between the various portfolio companies and BPSOLUTIONS. The result: secure, faster, and better solutions, delivered by complementary players with the same culture and notion of excellence."

Carl Annicq, M80: "Their exceptionally strong reputation in the market and outstanding customer feedback strengthened our belief that BPSOLUTIONS was the ideal managed services and mission critical IT player to add to our platform. The extreme customer focus that Mark de Groot and his team pursue with the aim of always positively surprising the client is a breath of fresh air in this industry. IT gems like BPSOLUTIONS are wooed daily – we are therefore extremely proud that BPSOLUTIONS has chosen to partner with M80 to further expand the Managed Services business line of our new platform, internationally.”



  • BPSOLUTIONS helps companies organize their Mission Critical IT in a way that makes the organization smarter and can therefore make progress. We do this by, on the one hand, ensuring that IT is always up-and-running, and on the other hand, with Data Analytics and AI, we ensure that companies are ready for the future and help them how to make data really work for your organization. In everything we do, we make the world a little smarter.
  • BPSOLUTIONS serves large clients in various sectors, mainly in the financial, retail, transport & logistics, retail, healthcare and government sectors
  • In the past two years, BPSOLUTIONS has been rewarded by its customers with a No. 1 position in the Giarte IT Xperience monitor.
  • More information at https://www.bpsolutions.com/

About M80 

  • M80 Partners is the management company of M80 Capital, a private equity fund founded in November 2018 that invests in companies in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • The investment team, founded by Peter Maenhout, consists of seasoned private equity professionals, as well as entrepreneurs, former CEOs and digital pioneers.
  • The company focuses on growth companies in healthcare, consumer, business services and industry. The M80 team invests in companies it can help digitally transform to accelerate revenue and improve operations.
  • More information at https://m80partners.com/


About XPLUS 

  • XPLUS was founded in 2010 by Wim Vochten and provides consultancy services focused on digital transformation through the implementation of business-necessary enterprise IT architecture and digital solutions in the BeNeFraLux.
  • Of the more than 100 highly experienced consultants, 75% have previously worked as a principal consultant or partner at a top 5 consultancy firm.
  • XPLUS serves large clients in a variety of industries, primarily banking, insurance, telecommunications and retail.
  • More information at https://www.xplus.eu/


About Luminis

  • Luminis was founded in 2002 and provides customers with high-quality Cloud and Data solutions. Luminis has partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, among others.
  • In addition, Luminis is the initiator and the strength of the Accelerate IT training program with Thales, Bosch and the Tax Authorities, among others.
  • Luminis has 150 employees and has offices in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem and Apeldoorn and provides services to Thales, Alliander, Huuskes, BDR Thermea, bol.com and The Learning Network, for example.
  • More information about Luminis at https://www.luminis.eu

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