BPSOLUTIONS Gold Sponsor 600 Minute Executive IT event

BPSOLUTIONS is proud gold sponsor at the 600Minute Executive IT event organized by ManagementEvents.

600Minutes Executive IT is a must-attend event for top IT decision makers and forward-thinking executives who are leading their organizations through the digitally transformative world. Exchange ideas and brainstorm solutions with other like-minded professionals on emerging technologies and business applications. Meet and connect with CIOs and Senior IT executives from the largest companies through our exclusive pre-scheduled face-to-face networking sessions. Join the event for the latest innovations and solutions that will drive the next chapter in digital transformation.


  • Agility meets multi-vendorship: How to be flexible in complex business environments
  • The data driven hype: Does the data we gather enable the business to expand and succeed?
  • Be customer obsessed: Are our initiatives aligned with our customer needs?
  • Facing the talent challenge: Developing your organisation to become and remain appealing
  • IT versus Business: How will the future digital organisation be defined?


Postillion convention centre wtc
Beursplein 37, 3011 AA, Rotterdam

Meer info: Management Events – 600 Minute Executive IT 

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