Rabobank makes it future proof with SAP HANA

Rabo Case

Data analytics and reporting

Due to the growing importance of big data analytics and reporting to regulators, Rabobank chose to use a data warehouse a few years ago. The choice for SAP HANA made sense in this regard: this solution makes it possible, among other things, to implement data consolidation, with which reports can be made in a simplified and fast manner and which provides direct insight into the underlying data. To continue to work smart in the future, the existing SAP HANA environment had to be renewed. A challenge that BPSolutions and Lenovo have successfully completed together with Rabobank.

SAP HANA: the answer to the question of Rabobank

Of course, this updated HANA infrastructure had to meet a number of (hard) requirements. Based on market consultation, the choice fell on the joint expertise of both BPSolutions and Lenovo because we can build SAP HANA platforms based on proven technology. Given the size of the solution, it obviously had to be scalable, with Lenovo playing an important role. A joint important goal was to make future extensions possible without reducing this investment.

A smooth implementation of SAP HANA

It was up to our experienced SAP HANA team to take care of implementation in close collaboration with Rabobank’s management organization. The efficient way of working together ensured that after completion of the acceptance tests the delivery could take place immediately afterwards. BPSolutions continues to ensure that the environment is proactively up-to-date by continuing to implement technical management.

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Download our business case in which we tell you more about the implementation of SAP HANA at Rabobank or contact us directly for a free consultation. One of our advisors is happy to tell you more about the possibilities of SAP HANA for your organization.

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