Webinar: How to plan your transition to SAP HANA?

Webinar: How to plan your transition to SAP HANA?

Why start with the switch to SAP HANA now? How do you ensure a smooth transition? What is the impact of sizing? What are the cloud & infrastructure scenarios? What does my roadmap look like? To these and more questions, experts who have carried out most SAP HANA implementations and migrations will answer the webinar on Tuesday 12 May: “How do you plan your transition to SAP HANA?”

As you no doubt know, in 2027 SAP will stop supporting anything but HANA and the HANA-based application stack. Organizations that want to complete a migration in time are aiming for a switch in 2021 or 2022. Gartner therefore expects a peak of HANA projects in these years and a scarcity of available consultancy capacity thereafter. It is often underestimated how long the transition process to the new platform takes. Because what is the actual impact of the transition?

In the webinar we share our experiences through a number of appealing customer cases, including Rabobank, which we have guided to SAP HANA in recent years.

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